Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Trifecta Countdown

In less than 48 hours the kickoff to the 1st Annual Trifecta will commence. No this has nothing to do with horse racing. This is an event came about from the twisted yet intriguing mind of Edgedog. The event will be carried out over two days with the first day being nothing but gambling (mostly poker I am sure). Some of us will head over to PPT Headquarters early Thursday morning for an online poker fest. Thursday evening 4 of us will head to the casino where the competition scoring really begins. The objective of the first leg of the Trifecta is to be the person who walks out of the casino with the most money made at the tables. Friday morning we will load up the boat and head out to the lake where the goal is to have the most weight in fish. The culmination event will be a round of golf Friday afternoon, for you non-golfers, lowest score wins. Each participant will receive points with respect to where they place in each event. What does the winner get? A feast fit for a king prepared in their honor by the peasants. They get the trophy to prominently place on the mantle and display for all to see the evidence of their complete and total domination over the other inept participants. They will also be honored and extolled for 12 months as being the greatest and will be addressed as such by those less fortunate. So come Friday night you can all start to refer to me as Younger “The Great”.

1 comment:

EDGEDOG said...

Younger "The Great" ... you forgot a word in there "The Great Failure" ... The Godfather of the Trifecta, yours truly, is fully intending to make Younger, Pipshow, DelDog10 look like a bunch of monkies f***in a football.

Let's get it on...Edgedog