Wednesday, August 16, 2006

All Poker Sites are not created equal

Hello pudd wackers this is EDGEDOG. O.k. let me start off by saying that I am in no way shape or form a poker guru, expert, professional or arrogant enough to think I have the golden fleece of advice that will instantly make all readers the next poker god….I mean I’m close, but that’s beside the point.

I've been playing online for about 6 months and have been having reasonable success moving from the .25-.50 tables up to the $2-$4 tables...To date my BB/100 is around 3.20 overall and at the $2-$4. I started up playing to save enough for a free trip to Vegas. But, after turning $200 to $2500 I have realized there is much more potential here then I thought. My style of play is pretty solid (well at least according to Poker Tracker and my winnings), however I still have some room for improvement.

Anyway, on with the post...I have played at approximately 10 sites so far and the style of play at the various poker sites are very different. In looking at two sites, Pacific and InterPoker these are about the two most oppposite sites I have seen.

If you really like to bluff and are looking for a site that has a tight game, InterPoker is a good site with a great monthly $100 bonus.

If you play tight poker and are looking for that loose game with people throwing money around Pacific Poker is the place for you. The downside is I have been a little disappointed with their support and the bonus takes awhile to clear unless you are playing multiple $2/$4 tables or higher. Playing mostly three $2/$4 tables it took me just over 10 hours to clear 250 points (wagering $2,500) which got me $120 bonus. Also you have to buy an add-on to Poker Tracker to get your hand histories into poker tracker. The Pacific $2/$4 tables are some of the loosest tables I have played. It is very common to have 5 to 6 to a flop and very common to have 4+ people to a raised flop. This makes it relatively easy to sit back and wait for the big hands and cash in. I have been on a decent run up $350 at the site in poker in the last two weeks. You have to put up with some bad beats but your good hands usually get paid off well.

I just thought it is interesting the difference in player styles from two sites like these two. I'd recommend going to a site like InterPoker first which conditions you to be tighter and then move to a site like Pacific and let your tight game go to work.

Feel free to weigh in...

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What about Golden Riviera?